Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Nowadays we spend a lot of our time on the couch one way or another and this becomes evident pretty quickly.

Like doing laundry, with a powerful cleaning of your upholstery or carpet, you can have that fresh and clean feeling again.

Provided you have the right equipment you can clean the area yourself. You can use detergents for carpet cleaning or for upholstery, but it is near impossible to really get the area fully clean and also to fully remove the detergents after cleaning.

Why is that a problem?

Because the detergents are made so that it binds to the dirt of all kinds. If you rub it into your fabric but have no means of getting it back out again it stays in there and keeps accumulating dirt.

The fabric becomes like a magnet for dirt and dust floating around in your home. A lot of people who have hired us previously tried to clean their upholstery or carpet themselves to no avail.

We believe the best option to save your time, energy and money is to get a professional cleaning which not only deeply cleans your couch, armchair or carpet but also protects it in the long run with the right technique.

So what does upholstery / carpet cleaning look like then?

You can think of it as a washing machine for the couch for the house!

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

Our Technician will inspect Carpet / Upholstery history, fibre type and construction, as well as identifying soiling conditions and potential permanent stains.

Step 2Pre-spray and Pre-spot (if required)

A preconditioning agent is applied to break down soil and other spots for a more thorough cleaning.

Step 3Extract and Rinse

Once the dirt has been loosened, our powerful Kärcher Spray & Vacuum Cleaner flushes the fabrics, taking all the dirt with it.

Step 4: Neutraliser

All Upholstery that we clean is pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue left behind.

Step 5Post-Spot Treatment (if required)

If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, speciality spotting techniques are employed.

Step 6Post-Cleaning Inspection

Our technician will go through your Carpet / Upholstery with you to point out the cleaning results and make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job. If you have any questions or concerns, please let our technician know during this time. We want to be sure that you are 100% satisfied before we leave.


But what if not all the stains come out?

Unfortunately, that is possible. We can not give a guarantee to clean ALL stains as sometimes that is impossible without destroying the fabric.

A guarantee would not be honest and anyone who tells you otherwise should be avoided in my experience.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of stains can be cleaned and the furniture looks smells and feels incredible afterward.

Most of our clients are super happy with the results and if they are not, we come back and clean again free of charge.

This service is available for all kinds of furniture such as beds, mattresses and so on. Contact us today and take benefit of our attractive packages and offers.

Non-Detachable Couches
Stool45,00 €65,00 €
Armchair65,00 €120,00 €
Winged Chair85,00 €145,00 €
2-Seater100,00 €150,00 €
3-Seater135,00 €200,00 €
4-Seater170,00 €250,00 €
5-Seater205,00 €300,00 €
Single Extra Unit75,00 €120,00 €
Extensionsfrom65,00 €
Non-Detachable Couches
Seat Restab20,00 €
Seat Rest For The Backab20,00 €
Headrestab12,50 €
Bolsterab10,00 €
Chairs & Office Chairs
Chairqty.12,00 €20,00 €
Conference Chair – Stacking Chairqty.9,50 €20,00 €
Office Chair- Swivel Chairqty.12,00 €45,00 €
Car Upholstery
Front Seatqty.60,00 €145,00 €
Rear Benchqty.85,00 €175,00 €
Neck Rest Separatelyqty.10,00 €45,00 €
Details – Other
Designer Upholstery or Oversize UpholsteryOn Request
Specialty Upholstery With Specific FunctionsOn Request
Cleaning Price plus15 %
Separate Cleaning Of Single Stainsab50,00 €

If you are ready to enjoy your fresh and clean furniture again and also want your friends and family to be on the edge of their seat for good reasons only, you’re ready for our upholstery cleaning.

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Camilla Tierney:

Ben and Phillip did a fantastic job cleaning a white loveseat and Sofa. They take pride in their work and worked a miracle on a few stains. They were prompt, friendly and professional. I will hire them again.

Arghavan Biukaghazadeh:

I’m just writing to say thanks again for the agents you sent. They cleaned my couch and my house perfectly. Thank you for the service.

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