Cleaning Products

Please have the following products and equipment available for our cleaners once they arrive:


  • anti-Kalk spray or vinegar cleaner (Essig Reiniger) to remove hard water spots
  • glass cleaning spray (Glas Reiniger)
  • toilet cleaner (WC Reiniger)
  • kitchen spray (Küchenreiniger)
  • bathroom spray (Dusche & Bad Reiniger)
  • floor cleaning fluid for mopping – suitable for your types of flooring (Bodenreiniger)
  • wood polish (if you need it – Holz Reiniger)
  • kitchen roll / paper towels
  • rubber gloves
  • sponges
  • a duster
  • a squeegee for window cleaning for deep/spring/move in & move out cleans
  • oven cleaner for deep/spring/move in & move out cleans
  • disposable gloves
  • microfibre cloths – we recommend a minimum of 6 cloths is provided.
  • disinfectant cleaner effective against Covid-19: WHO recommends products with 70% alcohol.
  • hand sanitizer with a minimum of 70% alcohol. 


  1. a working vacuum cleaner with replacement vacuum bags
  2. mop & bucket

We recommend buying environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products.
They are better for you and for our cleaning people too.

If you prefer to go the all-out natural route, a mix of vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, and fresh lemon juice tackle pretty much everything.

If you would like advice and/or recipes for making these yourself,
please contact us at and we’ll send you a mail with good links.