General Clean

Just send us a booking request and you’ll receive a full confirmation email with all the info you’ll need, as well as an introduction to your assigned agent. If you book a general cleaning with us, here’s what we’ll cover:


  • Included:
    • All benches/surfaces scrubbed and dried
    • Exteriors of cupboards wiped down
    • Dishes washed – if there are a lot of dishes to be washed by hand, we may need to add extra time to the booking according to how long this task takes to complete
    • Stovetop wiped down
    • Thorough clean of sink/tap/faucets
    • Grease removed from backing tiles
    • Appliances wiped down
    • Floor hoovered and mopped
  • Excluded:
    • Oven
    • Inside cupboards
    • Inside fridge
    • Inside microwave
    • Emptying dishwasher


  • Included:
    • Bed made
    • Floors hoovered and mopped
    • Surfaces/ belongings dusted
    • General tidying of belongings
  • Excluded:
    • Changing bed linen
    • Windows
    • Putting away clothes/belongings


  • Included:
    • Mirrors
    • Tiled surfaces only around the sink and shower/bath areas dusted and wiped down (full bathroom tile clean is done on deep cleans)
    • General dusting of shelving/belongings
    • Toilet
    • Bathtub/shower
    • Tap and faucets removed of calc buildup
    • Plug holes cleaned


  • Included:
    • Rugs hoovered/beaten
    • General dusting of shelves/surfaces/electrical
    • Surfaces/tables wiped down
    • Floors hoovered and mopped
  • Excluded:
    • Windows


  • Included:
    • General dusting
    • Floors hoovered and mopped
  • Excluded:
    • Washing laundry
    • Folding/putting away laundry
    • Ironing


  • Included:
    • Floors hoovered and mopped
    • General dusting of surfaces / decor


  • Included:
    • Trash taken down upon completion
    • Bins rinsed out and bin bags replaced
    • Recycling taken down upon completion
  • Excluded:
    • Returning glass/plastic recycling to depository

If you would like any of the items on the Exclusion list to be done, the request must be made with your cleaner prior to the appointment – preferably at the time of booking, to ensure we have the right equipment for the job, and an appropriate length of time arranged.

Please note that for many of these services, extra time will need to be arranged, (especially oven/windows) as these are time-consuming jobs.

Should you need all the items on the exclusion list completed, you will be best off booking for a spring clean/deep clean, and allowing an average of 8 hours for the job Any requests for extra services are at the discretion of your cleaner; if they do not feel comfortable/capable to complete your request, they have the right to decline.

Please understand that there are safety issues concerning the cleaning of windows, if your cleaner doesn’t feel safe on a ladder, they may decline the request

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